Lens decision help, Tamron 24-70, Nikon 24-85, 24-120, 16-35

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Re: Lens decision help, Tamron 24-70, Nikon 24-85, 24-120, 16-35

I primarily shoot a D7100, which is very picky about lens quality and really seems to magnify any flaws or weaknesses.  I can say without reservation that the Tamron 24-70 is one of the sharpest lenses I've used on my D7100.  It was, to my eyes and with the examples I compared, as sharp as the Nikon, with the added benefit of VC.  Even wide open it's extremely sharp.  It does not, however, come close to the Nikon 24-70 in build quality.  That's not to say it's not a well built lens...it certainly is, but it's just not in the same league as the Nikon.  That said, if I were choosing between the two....which I actually will be shortly.....I would choose the Tamron over the Nikon primarily for the VC advantage.  Bang for the buck, it's optically one of the nicest lenses I've used.

The only other lens that you mentioned that's really a "contender" in the choices, were I in your position, would be the 24-120, and as someone said above, it comes down to your priorities......range or speed.

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