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Re: I prefer dials...

bruxi wrote:

rjjr wrote:

bruxi wrote:

I think he's saying the dials on the retro cameras are a design asthestetic, but are functionally outdated, which is kinda true.

Not outdated for me at all. I prefer dials over menus. I find them faster and easier to use.

A giant dial for exposure compensation? Great for film, but very dated in a world of RAW files.

Well, that's part of the argument of retro. In mirrorless, since the EVF allows to pre-process the image, there is much less need for Raw. One can shoot with Jpeg uncompressed, and aim at no digital darkroom use or minimal.

The dials allow for direct control, which you would instead delay to PP. It is definitely a shift of interest towards action on the field.

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