Is m4/3 stagnant?

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Re: Is m4/3 stagnant?

tinpusher wrote:

I've been looking to add one of the latest cameras ( OM-D E1 or GX7 ) to my existing m4/e kit which comprises a G1,GF1 and G3 and 6 lenses but nothing I've seen from the latest generation seems to have improved IQ to beat the old kit at Base ISO - shooting RAW.

Now I'm sure that the technos will produce figures showing improved DR/Noise etc but emotionally when I look at an image taken with the new m4/3 cameras something hit's me as being off. Especially when I compare it to my Fuji and Sony Kit.

I'm not sure what it is , although the default color palette of many Lumix m4/3 cameras isn't to my taste and the normal depth of field doesn't readily allow images to pop off the page in the way that Leica or Sony's RX1 can achieve (although I've had reasonable results with the 1.7 20mm wide open)

It was Gordan Laing from Camera Labs that raised the possibility that the format is stagnant at 16 mps that was while reviewing the G6.

We don't have to repeat the megapixel argument but when Sony can put more that 20mps into a 1" sensor then it's worth asking where m4/3 sensor technology is going. Two years ago I bought a Canon G1X point and shoot for a trip to the Pacific and consistently got better shots from that than my 4/3 camera. It had a larger sensor of course and a better lens.

As an early adopter I feel let down by Olympus and Panasonic for their lack of sensor development and especially auto focus/lens speed.

BTW , I've handled both the E1 and GX7 but neither camera screamed "buy me".

Am I missing something?

Personally, with post processing, I find it awfully hard to tell what camera has taken what picture...occasionally, there are signature looks, more often than not, there aren't. I bet in a truly blind test, most people would fail miserably despite being devoted to a single brand.

If you can't get good pics from m43, then you should sell it and invest in gear you can work with.  This thread is tedious.

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