Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

Ron AKA wrote:

Mac uses the same hardware as the PC, and the only real difference is a 50% price premium and a pretty box. I'm not aware of any issues running higher resolution with Windows 8? That should be determined by your graphics card and driver, not Windows.

Let's put this nonsense to bed, once and for all.

There really isn't any sort of price premium on the current MacPro.  If you want a Xeon workstation with ECC memory and with workstation graphics, you can price it from Dell or HP and get the same sort of figures.  You'll get a much bigger, probably uglier system case then the Mac, but with it does come more flexibility and future expandability options.   And if you want to get octo core Xeons, you can get it from them.   That's the primary knock against the Mac Pro - only a few SKUs.  It's not pricing.

Now if instead you want to price a gamer type PC with non Xeon, non ECC, and non workstation graphics, definitely can go cheaper.  You'll get a slightly less reliable (memory), but faster system than the quad core Xeon.   Depending on your programs, you may have poorer graphics card support, but if you don't care about 10bit and just use Adobe type stuff, you're ok.

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