Which one? Sony RX1 or Fujifilm x100s or Leica X Vario

Started Feb 3, 2014 | Discussions thread
Richmondthefish New Member • Posts: 6
I literally was just considering the same cameras as well....

I was trying to decide between an RX1, RX1R, x100, x100s, Leica X1/X2 and Leica Vario for a while now. It's such a pain because they all had things I wanted and things I didn't.

I was really considering a Fujifilm but I had a feeling if I got it I would have been bothered somewhat by not going with the Sony. The Fujifilm has users outputting amazing pictures it's no way as consistent as a full frame monster like the Sony.

The Leica had a very cool body it seemed but it lacked a viewfinder and the LCD was outclassed by the Sony. I saw some amazing output on the X2, I loved the look of the files generally more than the Fujifilm but the Leica didn't have a viewfinder. If the X2 had a viewfinder I might have caved to it but I ended up putting it in last place consideration since the Fujifilm had it beat there and match it in sensor size. I thought about the Vario just because maybe Leica had some special magic in that zoom but it's way too slow spec wise and honestly the output wasn't blowing me away for the most part considering the insane price.

The Sony has this very distinctive look. It's a FF monster and the field of view seems a bit wider than the advertised 35mm(closer to 31mm?). Either way it's just a plain awesome look. Its a camera that i'd want to just take outside and take a shot of a sunset to see how ridiculous the output would be whereas most other cameras might bore me in the capacity today being that I can take somewhat decent pics with my smartphone. It's a shame the RX1 doesn't have a built-in viewfinder but I'm very curious to see how much I need it. So I ended up pulling the trigger on a used RX1 in very excellent condition for a good price. I should be getting it soon and I figured at the very worse(assuming there isn't something wrong with it) I can at least sell it for very little of a loss since I was able to get it a $1000 under retail new. I thought about the R version but the price difference on the used market is ridiculous.

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