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Re: An alternative?

juvx wrote:

Thanks Raj however, the only alternative i would consider right now to a Canon or Nikon system is a mirrorless system like the Fuji X, Olympus or Sony A7.

I've seen some Sony A7 cameras out and about (I've even used one to take a photo for a tourist).

They are a nice looking camera, but according to DPR, there are some issues with it (there is quite a list of unfavourable comments in the recent review). There's also some lens craziness, where you can use other lenses, provided you buy the appropriate adaptors. -Sort of defeats the purpose of a relatively compact camera, although, once you fit a decent-sized lens to most cameras they all look much the same.

From what I've seen, I don't think you can beat the picture that you see through an optical viewfinder, and I actually like the feel of my chunky Nikon. There's an opinion that heavy metal equals stability; I'd certainly want a solid tripod if I were to surrender my camera to an artificial stand of any sort. (I don't own a tripod).

It will be interesting to see what you finally end up getting.

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