CP+ Rumor Roundup.....

Started Feb 4, 2014 | Questions thread
samhain Senior Member • Posts: 1,246
Re: CP+ Rumor Roundup.....

Cane wrote:

Does anybody want anything here other than tele converters and long lenses?

I want a compact weathersealed 24mp Full frame body with ibis & big OVF.

And a set of 5 new ws limiteds to go with it- 24mm f2 / 35mm f1.4 / 50mm f1.2 / 85mm f1.2 / 135mm f1.8

That's it. I'd be set for life.

That's not too much to ask, is it?

*could you imagine the shockwave that would send through the industry? Canon & Nikon would freak.

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