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Pentax is really missing something quite obvious as far as I can see: a 35mm equivalent wide apertured lens. The 23 f3.2 needs to have a faster big brother. 35mm has become huge (again) lately. Look at the Fuji 23 1.4 as a "prime" example of what I think is missing here.
Tbh, it's what stops me considering the K3, which is a shame because that camera appears to kick a...

I have the Fuji X100s which has a 23mm f2.0 lens. I find the Fuji a great camera for event photography etc., so I would endorse a good 23 f1.4 in a K mount ...very useful focal length.

Yeah, many of us have been asking for something like a 24/2 for years now.

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There are 2 easily available for the system (FA*24mm F2.0 and Sigma 24mm F1.8), sure one is on the used market but if you can't afford either then what makes you think you can afford a new one.

Still, not everyone wants to venture into the used market for lenses, with all the possible hassle to deal with. My approach, has been to go for the Zeiss ZK lenses while they were still available, the 28/2 and the 35/2 as wide, fast options, and wait for the Pentax FF, although it is now most likely going to be the Sony A7 with the cosina made matching adapter. This really only illustrates that there are holes in the Pentax lens offerings. I do have to say though, that I would personally not want a 24/2 apsc option, but greatly prefer 35/2 FF.

So I would say that Pentax has to build a new lens catalogue based on FF, because that is where fast wide primes are in demand

I could say back to you not everyone wants to venture into the manual focus market... anyhow its only the FA* thats used as far as i know the Sigma 24mm F1.8 can still be had new.

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