Where have all the Focal-reducers gone? (with apologies)

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Re: Where have all the Focal-reducers gone? (with apologies)

kuuan wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

.. long time passing I guess.

I suppose that all those with MF legacy glass longing for some extra grunt for their aps-c have now bought an "A7"

Also that those who were quite happy with the crop factor of the aps-c sensor remain happy.

... and, of course those that simply use AF lenses don't need them - unless the lenses are made by Canon and of EF variety and they might not need focal reducers if their shutter squeeze is an A7.

Nor do they seem to be making much of a ripple in their new M4/3 incarnation.

Damme - I really miss the blue spot controversies.

still happy with my APS-Cs, damn would like a FF and love that Sony is making a stride with A7/r. Personally really fancy the EVF to be articulating though.

You need to try an A7 in hand and check where all the buttons a wheels are located - random all over the place, including in little ledges.  The front wheel inside an angled chamfer requires the finger to run along its edge and should be exchanged place with  the shutter button. But of course it is a great camera and a charitible optinion would be to assess that its performance renders those little interface idiosyncracies minor.  If I had really wanted one it would not have mattered to me but whilst on the fence it was the difference between "jump" or "not jump".

Now that I have the Panasonic GM1 with its much more perfect interface I am having problems with the sheer (lack of) size of its grip which makes manual focus hand cramping for the grip hand.  But I guess I jumped that time and I like it enough to keep it.  We will all rationalise something that our first judgement told us to buy.

CV Heliar 4.5/15 on Ricoh GXR M gives me a flawlessly performing 22/23mm equivalent.

distortion and generally changing the fingerprint of my legacy glass, of which I try to come to grips with, somewhat had put me off using the lens turbo but I have been using it, thinking of it as light bundling, a bit for night shots.

e.g. a few nights ago, with a Vivitar C.F. 2.8/28 + lens turbo on NEX5N at Vĩnh Nghiêm Pagoda at Vietnamese New year

Chùa Vĩnh Nghiêm: www.vinhnghiemvn.com/english/

A very atmospheric shot Andreas

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