Corrupt Transcend Card + D800

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Re: Corrupt Transcend Card + D800

kumariphoto wrote:

Hi There!

My sister and I are wedding photographers, and she ran into a card error during a destination wedding.

So after the wedding, she had to back up the card on her computer. She took the card out of her D800, plugged it into a card reader, plugged the card reader into the computer, and began the transfer like she's done 1000 times.

However, when the transfer was done, she realized that

a) about 100 photos were corrupted. The actual files were there in finder, but she couldn't open them in preview or in Lightroom. Each File did showcase the correct file size however. I'm not sure if that is a good sign or not.

b) The card still shows the DCIM folder, however it's completely empty now.

c) When I try to see the free space in the card it shows that it is still FULL. Only 20 mb free. Again, I'm guessing that's a good thing.

Now my questions for you is

A) Can I retrieve my images from those corrupt files? If so, how can I go about doing it?

B) Can I repair my card? I ran a card repair program and it found all the files. However they are in a different file name such as "00000000003.nef 0000000004.nef". I don't want to pay for these programs and retrieve these files only to find out that they are corrupt and I should have been focusing on fixing the actual files rather than the cards.

Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!

You lucky. It looks like you will be able to recover the images. I have a failure with their 32gb but so far no luck in recovering the data. It happens with my D800. I'm done with Transcend. Customer service is zero to none.

After four months with my card they returned it without recovering a single image. I will pay anything to have mine recovered. My computer and camera won't even recognize my card. I will only buy sandisk moving forward.

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