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Lasse Eisele
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Leonard Shepherd wrote:

The laws of optics have always said diffraction limited results are usually better at f16 than f1.4 to f4, and that if you increase the recording resolution (in Roger Circla's example D800 compared to D3s) resolution goes up even where diffraction reduces overall quality.

Nonsense. The softness at wider apertures has nothing to do with "the laws of optics". It is caused by lens aberrations and can be overcome with better designs and better glass. A (hypothetical) perfect lens will always be sharpest wide open, ie it will be diffraction limited wide open.

Some of the exotic tele lenses, like the 200/2 or 300/2.8, are actually not that far away from perfection. They are very close to peak performance wide open.

The results in the links confirm what the laws of optics predict

Absolutely not. The results confirm that the tested lenses could be designed better.

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