Dear Canon, please say something!

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Re: Dear Canon, please say something! just like Nikon

Bajerunner wrote:

Not likely, Fuji and Pentax have nice systems but they aren't threats to Nikon and Canon.

Maybe in volume you are right, but I have already seen two Nikon users on these forums alone, buying K-3's for their wildlife stuff, reason given = no D400.

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wow, 2 is a statistically significant number.  The truth of the matter is, people switch brands every year for myriad reasons.  Now, if your statistically significant value of 2 gets 4 or 5 zeroes after it, then that will cause Canon or Nikon to change their behavior.

Of course, one might also try the other side of the ledger - how many people in Pentax bought Nikon or Canon or Sony because Pentax doesn't offer full frame?

I'm not ripping on Pentax - they make great products.  What I'm ripping on is the notion that minor amounts of switching in brands is going to affect behavior from ANY of the manufacturers.

Now, when Nikon came out with the D300, D3/s and D700 that really hit Canon and there really were a lot of defectors.  We saw the 7d, 1dx 5dIII as a result.

Unfortunately, you're not going to see a huge amount of defectors just yet to Pentax because they don't have the top notch glass with AF capability in the telephoto and super-tele range to really get people to jump - which is what we saw when Nikon released their cameras.  They had a robust sports/wildlife lens collection and people readily jumped.

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