Dear Canon, please say something!

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Grow up.

Ugh, these posts are awful.  Go buy a camera if you need one.  If you don't, shut your trap.  Nobody talks about ideas they are developing because the backlash would be even worse than this kind of nonsense.  The reason for the "long, frustrating silence" is because only they know what they are up to, and if that means you switching one day and then switching back the next then so be it.  Whining children throwing a hissy fit about what they want and deserve and how unfair it all is don't get attention from smart parents, only the dumb ones.

Howard wrote:

Let me say, I know there are a few people here on this and other forums who won't tolerate any criticism of Canon, that I am not an "eager upgrader" at all. In fact, both my DSLRs are obsolete models (5D II and 50D), and they are both still capable tools.

However, I have been waiting for the successor to the 7D for some time now. A better sensor (higher pixel density, better high ISO performance) and probably better AF will make it a dream machine for bird and wildlife photographers.

I find Canon's silence regarding the development (or lack there of) of this model deafening. I mean, if Canon is to discontinue this line, then say that. If they have a plan for it to come out, then tell us. Why this long, frustrating silence?

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