Is it me or do all fuji xtrans photos look a little soft?

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Re: Is it me or do all fuji xtrans photos look a little soft?

narddogg81 wrote:

i really, really want to get one of the new fuji x-t1s to server as a lightweight companion system to my big bulky nikon full frame stuff. it seems to be the camera ive been waiting for, awesome EVF, manual controls, sizable sensor, good lens lineup available, awesome build quality, etc, etc.. but every single sample image i find from the x-t1 or the x-e2 look somewhat soft to me in the infocus areas, which is a bit surprising to me since they dont have the AA filter. Am i just imagining that my FF is producing sharper shots with an AA filter than the fujis are without? is it just a matter of imature demosaicing on the xtrans pattern? Or am i just spoiled by FF?

May be not just you. I'm holding my XE1 and I will not sell it until I feel I really like my next XT-1.

For colors, I think I like them ( XT1), more natural, IMO.

Sharpness, I agree with you that XE1 may be little bit sharper ... as far as I saw samples around here.

But I never had XE2 so this is just my feelings based on internet samples.

Will see XT1.

For current $ discount, XE1 is a bargain, I have to say!

Dpreview's samples are too boring, as always!! Sorry!

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