Nikon D700 in 2014

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Nikon D700 in 2014


I just wanted to ask what is your opinion on buying nikon d700 now when d600 and d610 is out and not much more expensive.

My camera and lenses has been stolen several months ago so I'm saving up for new gear. I don't have any lenses except nikon 50mm 1.8 d (got it for free) which is not so expensive to make me go for nikon.

So far I've had canon 350d which was my first camera and traveled with me around New Zealand, Asia and part of Europe. Then when I had a day job I bought canon 5d mark ii + 24-70 and 70-200 . It took really nice pictures but was kinda slow, bad AF and the button layout was clumsy.

After I went to travel for some time, sold the 5d mark ii and bought pentax k-5 with few primes and one zoom. It was really great camera. The button loayout, IQ, DR and weather proof. Then someone stole all my gear.. (don't ask ... stupid me)

Now I'm planning to go for full frame. My budget will be around 2000 Euro. Currently I study photograpy and shoot natural light portraits (studio in future), landscapes, dogs, some product photography and going for few weddings this summer. And I can't decide what camera I should buy.

Here are some pros and cons on my mind.

Nikon D700

+Cheaper (more money for lenses)

+Better AF

+Build quality

+Cheap old primes

+9fps with BG

-worse DR

-less MP (this is questionable as 12MP should be enough for everything I do)

-No video (doesn't really bothers me)

-more expensive set of pro lenses (24-70+70-200) compared to canon(cnaon has more options)

Nikon D600/610


+more DR

+Better IQ

+more MP

+Cheap old primes

-worse AF

-worse build quility

-less FPS

-worse button layout

-more expensive set of pro lenses (24-70+70-200) compared to canon(canon has more options)

-1/4000 max ss

Canon 6D

+more affordable pro(L) lenses compared to Nikon in my opinion

+more Canon second hand gear in my area

+great high ISO perf.


+possible upgrade to 5dmiii in future which I would prefer compared to nikon d800

GPS and wifi doesnt realy matter to me

-less fps compared to d700

-worse AF

-1/4000 max ss

Another thing is that I was planning to buy set of primes but now when few of my friends asked me to shoot their weddings this summer I got a bit scared to do it with primes because I'm going to start my photo business and don't wanna screw up my first wedding. So another big decision is 24-70+70-200+50 vs 20+35+50+85+105.

I will be really greatful for any advice from some people with more experience then me.

Thanks a lot


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