Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

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if he was biased...

asedAltruisto wrote:

mijokijo wrote:

Check it out.

Also check out his friend's photos with the new body cap lens.

bokeh balls are bad. full of onion rings and subject to harsh fringing. Look at the 100% sample showing them. The PL25 has some bokeh fringing at 1,4 but it's not as harsh, and balls borders are not that thick.

Can't wait for the real world comparison between both lenses.

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If he would have been being biased he would not have posted that hanger shot. For the most part, the bokeh looks pretty great to my eyes in all the other shots. That hanger shot is an extreme and he goes out of his way to provide a 100% view of it.

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