Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: are you serious....

Scott Eaton wrote:

An E-5 quad core will get raped by a six Core i7, and the i7 machine is a lot cheaper.

Where you getting that math?  Of course the six core is faster, but it's NOT cheaper.  An E-5 1620 Quad core 3.6Ghz is half the price of the cheapest i7 six core processor and they use the same socket and motherboards.   And many people going with single socket Quad would run a cheaper E3 that can run on a desktop LGA1150 series socket.

If you compare i7's with their equiivalent 1000 series Xeon E5 and E3 counterpart, the architecture, speed and price is nearly identical.  The only difference is Xeon doesn't allow overclocking as businesses would be hesitant to do that anyway.

If comparing dual socket motherboards using a single 2000 series Xeon, then you are paying a ton for the ability to use a second processor.

And I also work in I.T. and we often find better price/performance ratios in the low to mid range workstation class and we order them for most of our developers and engineers.

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