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Not too many people will pay $1500 for a 70D with a larger and heavier magnesium body.

People lined up to pay $1700 when the 7D came out. For whatever the 70D "gained", the 7D2 will gain even more. Probably the 1-series AF, 10 fps.

Unlikely. Why in God's name would Canon want to do that? The AF system is the great hold-back for Canon - always has been. They want people to buy full frame. Such a camera would be too great an impact to the 5dIII and 1dx. You're dreamin if you think Canon is going to give you an APS-C 1dx for less than half the cost of the actual 1dx.

I get you would LIKE them to do that. But, past behavior from Canon says that's just a pipe dream.

There's quite a bit more to a 1 series than just better AF. Even if they put 61pt AF in the 7D II, which may be too many for the smaller sensor anyway, It would not kill a single 1 Series sale.

Sure it would.  Lots of shooters opted for a 5dIII over a 1d.  I'm well aware of what a 1 series is all about - I shot sports for years with a 1dIII.  The only thing holding the 5dIII back is frame rate.  Yes the 1dx still has advantages - better build, microphone, still faster focus processing, built-in-grip etc.  But, plenty of savvy people are willing to give on some of those things for the right price differential.

Even the 5D III, which has similar AF, does not match the 1 Series. As mentioned before, I'd expect to see AF from the 5D3. At this level they're more worried about losing sales to Nikon, and considering Nikon puts it's high end AF at this level, they will have to as well.

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