Lens decision help, Tamron 24-70, Nikon 24-85, 24-120, 16-35

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Compared to the the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 ...

... The two VR's, 24-120 and 24-85 are slower, especially in low light.  I have owned all three.  D800, D600. The f2.8 is the fastest, as fast as the 70-200 f2.8 VRII, which I also have owned.  Not saying any of these are slouches, just a tad slower.  All depends on what you need. For some, depending on what you shoot, that extra snap comes in handy.

There are no versions of the 24-120 VR f4, as far as I know. All are the same. The 24-120 and its sibling the 24-85 are built well, like the new f1.8G primes (which I also have); but none of these are "tanks", like the f2.8 zooms. You can crack walnuts in the rain with the f2.8's, and go on shooting. That's part of what you're paying for, the pro-grade build.

Sharp can be subjective. Stopped down, the 24-120 and 24-85 can come very close the 24-70. Wide open is not the case, nor should one expect that from these lenses.

All of these lenses are great at what they do; what it always comes down to is choosing what suits each of us best.

Al Giordano wrote:

ne beginner wrote:

The 24-85 VR and 24-120 VR are essentially the same thing: too slow, both in speed (f stop) and AF.

The 24-120 is slow to auto focus? Since when?? Maybe your version, but my version is sharp, has fast auto-focus, and built like a tank. F/4 is not slow these days with HIGH ISO FX sensors.

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