Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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are you serious....

>>>it appears that Apple gives you no desktop choices in between the Mac Mini and Mac Pro. That's amazing.

It's not amazing. It's been Apple's sales model for about a decade now. The iMac is kept castrated as to create a need for the Mac Pro. Last decent true power desktop no  / Pro Apple made was the G4. The G5 was only as good as Apple's marketing hype could find a reason to switch to Intel.

When you're marketing to knuckleheads who think Intel builds special processors for Apple and the Xeon has some magical processing capabilities....

I work primarily in data centers now, but for the record the term 'workstation' went out of vogue about the time terms like 'baud' and 'SGI' become obsolete. No CIO I know of will sign a rec for a 'workstation' class machine because they are a waste of money. Xeon's on desktop  = money throw in the toilet because the Xeon's only real advantage is more physical processors, and more physical processors only benefits horizontal scaling and not vertical.

An E-5 quad core will get raped by a six Core i7, and the i7 machine is a lot cheaper. Good luck finding that architecture in an Apple product, because if you did there woulnd't be a market for the Mac Pro now would there? You can of course get i7 machines with the same horsepower as the Mac pro at 1/3 to 1/4 the price. The fact OSX won't install on them does not change reality.

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