Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

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Re: Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

Just adding, I had some time with the HS50 yesterday and had to send it back. (Disclaimer: I don't think it was new. The box looked like it had been opened many times, the lens barrel is always described as stiff initially and this was anything but stiff), and the battery was already fully charged. Everything was in the box, but ... still.

I'd ordered "Sold by Amazon and Fulfilled by Amzn", too, even though it meant paying $8 more than the featured seller who was just selling new ones, "Fulfilled by Amzn". I was hoping to get a new one, but I think what happened at the warehouse is someone just grabs a box in the "new" section--whether from Amazon or another seller, doesn't matter as long as it's supposed to be new. I've seen that before.

Anyway, the good was that it was a lot lighter than the X-S1, but a little bigger and with a nicer rubberized finish than the SX40/50. The menus seemed a lot easier to navigate from the beginning than the X-S1--again, similar to the SX40/50. (I thought the EVF was worse, though, and not even an effort at an eyecup design, but...a little thing. And MMV).

I photographed my brick wall and the lines and colors were good--straight. Tried out a lot of settings, definitely could be a very fun camera.

The only problem I had with it was the focus. I couldn't get anything very well focused--not even comparable to my SX40 and definitely not like JPEG Shooter's examples here. Now, some of that could be me, the settings, etc. Still, not even macro gave anything. Lots of blown highlights, although I kind of looked briefly and gave up. (Tried Auto and Program in case they would make a difference but it was still the same). I didn't see the focus respond much when the button was half-pressed regardless of the lighting.

Anyway, I have a feeling from reading Amazon reviews, etc. that for whatever reason, some of the HS50s just -work- better than others and some are soft and don't focus that well. I think I was sent one that had been returned for that reason (and wasn't being sold by Amazon but by one of the other sellers you've never heard of).

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