Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

juvx wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

chillzatl wrote:

your options seem pretty clear. Spend more for a computer with less expandability, performance and fewer software options

Yes, you could spend more for a Windows workstation that does not fully match the specifications of the Mac Pro (Xeon CPU(s), PCI-E flash, twin video cards, lots of Thunderbolt 2 ports). But why would you want to do so?

As for the OP, if he wants a Mac-based system, I think he would be best-served with a different Mac, such as an iMac, a quad-core Mac Mini, or even a Mac notebook paired with an external (monitor + keyboard + mouse). In its current configuration, the new Mac Pro looks to be a machine aimed at videographers, researchers, and the like (who need lots of power and can pay for a machine with it) than at still photographers.

Why buy an imac or mac mini when he already has a rMBP thats just as powerful. Just dock it.

Ideally yes but this...

"Not really comfortable just plugging the rMBP in to the monitor as often my wife needs to use the laptop at the same time as I'm using the main computer."


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