Dear Canon, please say something!

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Re: time to come back to planet Earth

Howard wrote:

It is funny how those "know-it-all" say so definitely Canon (or any other manufacturer) won't do this and won't do that. But consumer demand drives everything. If there is something consumes want and there is a profit in it, manufacturers have an incentive to deliver it.

You just demonstrated how easy it is to get intellectually careless. Who can say that your post that a company will follow consumers' deepest desires is any less smugly prescient? This is not intended as a catergorical attack on yourself...
Besides, it is at least a little naive because companies have been prosecuted for cartel practices before.
The consolidation of hard drive manufacturers made easier an agreement between them to maintain prices on bare drives, to avoid being squeezed by big OEMs most of all. That, I presume, is why external consumer drives which should be more expensive are instead generally less expensive instead- I feel that in this kind of situation, it would be logically beholden to someone to demonstrate there is not such a fixing rather than the other way around.

In other words, Canon doesn't have to serve your desires regarding both price and features. It can give you the features, but only if you agree to their high price, because they have so little high level competition. Who also aren't making themselves cheap... I hope you all see the similarity between them

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