Is m4/3 stagnant?

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RoelHendrickx wrote:

tinpusher wrote:

I've been looking to add one of the latest cameras ( OM-D E1 or GX7 ) to my existing m4/e kit which comprises a G1,GF1 and G3 and 6 lenses but nothing I've seen from the latest generation seems to have improved IQ to beat the old kit at Base ISO - shooting RAW.

Now I'm sure that the technos will produce figures showing improved DR/Noise etc but emotionally when I look at an image taken with the new m4/3 cameras something hit's me as being off. Especially when I compare it to my Fuji and Sony Kit.

I'm not sure what it is , although the default color palette of many Lumix m4/3 cameras isn't to my taste and the normal depth of field doesn't readily allow images to pop off the page in the way that Leica or Sony's RX1 can achieve (although I've had reasonable results with the 1.7 20mm wide open)

Well that is the age-old sensor size and DOF discussion.

You can expect the usuals giving their expert opinion on that pretty soon.

It was Gordan Laing from Camera Labs that raised the possibility that the format is stagnant at 16 mps that was while reviewing the G6.

Maybe, just maybe, clever people at Olympus have decided that 16MP is the perfect maximum resolution for our size of sensor. They could probably cram in more pixels on the surface (they also produce compacts with smaller sensors and 11 or 12 MP pixel count). But maybe, just maybe, they have made an informed and scientifically supported decision not to do so.

That's what people said with the E-3 (10MP) and the E-5 (12MP) too.  But as we now know, it wasn't the case.  When they can source a higher MP sensor, they will.  Just a matter of time.

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