Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

You might consider asking this question on the Mac forum, they are the experts about Mac's and adore their Macs...

My thoughts on Apple OSX is that is NOT intuitive and as easy to use as advertised, already have a Retina MBP, using it daily, it seems to be working for you that you would consider even buying the MacPro, but make your life as easy as you can, especially in regards to work flow.

You can dual boot any Apple computer and use Windows 7, 8,etc as needed.

An "alternative" high end PC deskop or laptop[yes, Sager/Clevo are very good]would give you ALL the computing energy you'd ever need, be more expandable for much less money...

You obviously multi-task, so using different OS's won't bother you as much as they would "most" computer users.

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