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Re: My number one hope is for the Sigma 18-35mm to be announced available for sale in k-mount.

awaldram wrote:

asahi man wrote:

If your lens is using the correct ID,so it is no problem to use the new converter;-)

No 3rd party lenses 'use the correct ID'

Pentax does not give ID away and 3rd parties will not pay for them.

Hence all 3rd parties are 'borrowed' ID's

So Ricoh's new Converter will not work for 50-60% of all lenses used on Pentax cameras if what you say is true.

This seems likely to cause much angst, complaint and rejection of this convert 'unfit for purpose' rather than screams of joy

I think you're making a big stink out of nothing, what is not to work? The lens provides the camera with its FL, one assumes the TC alters the FL and therefore SR will be on par with the FL. Honestly with my testing its better to have the SR a little weaker than par with the focal length if you want more SR stops at long FLs. Its not likely AF will change, 90% of third party lenses are still screw drive, screw drive TC's still work fine, one would assume Pentax did the SDM correctly too so nothing to fail there. about the only area where things might fail is the in lens corrections but they don't even exist for third party lenses. so correct ID or not what what will go wrong that isn't already wrong before the TC is available?

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