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Re: time to come back to planet Earth

John_A_G wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

DVT80111 wrote:

Not too many people will pay $1500 for a 70D with a larger and heavier magnesium body.

People lined up to pay $1700 when the 7D came out. For whatever the 70D "gained", the 7D2 will gain even more. Probably the 1-series AF, 10 fps.

Unlikely. Why in God's name would Canon want to do that? The AF system is the great hold-back for Canon - always has been. They want people to buy full frame. Such a camera would be too great an impact to the 5dIII and 1dx. You're dreamin if you think Canon is going to give you an APS-C 1dx for less than half the cost of the actual 1dx.

there's still alot of things the 1Dx does that the 7DII would not. think 5D mark III in an APS-C version and you are probably close to the mark.  as a matter of fact making these two as ergonomically and functionality similar would be a great thing.

1 series AF has never been about full frame, and even if they use the same PDAF sensor as the 1 series, it doesn't have all the performance of the 1 series AF and AE.

and canon really cares less what you buy as far as sensor size if the profit margins are the same on the units.

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