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Hi guys and gals,

Slight dilemma, Googled and nada so here I am. Have a D4 and MH-26, bought a BT-A10 direct from Japan as a recent D700 purchase came with a genuine EN-EL4a but no charger for it. Pop EN-EL4a into BT-A10 adapter and into MH-26 and something odd happens, Calibration and Chamber light flash continuously.

As I said, I have Googled this combo but to no avail, just wondered if anyone here could shed any light. Have left in situ for an hour or so and the EN-EL4a seems no more charged than when I first inserted it.

Many thanks in advance,


Apparently you need a MH-22 or a MH-26a with BT-A10

Don't really know the real differences between a MH-26 and MH-26a

"Nikon chose to prevent the D4's EN-EL18 and Battery Charger MH-26 from being interoperable with the D3S' EN-EL4a and Quick Charger MH-22. By placing the new battery's and new charger's connector in a different spot, any measure of backwards or forwards compatibility was eliminated."

There are two charging bays on the MH-26 and if you haven't done so as a suggestion try swapping the BT-A10 to the other bay, the reason is that the MH-26 charge each battery alternatively, not simultaneously. Sorry I could not offer anymore help !

May be your EN-EL4a is faulty - if you could lay your hand on one try charging on a MH-21/22

Check out this link

as a side note a EN-EL4a rating is 11.1 volt @2500 mAh whereas the new EN-EL18 is only 10.8 volt @2000 mAh possibility is that MH-26a can deliver more voltage and current than a MH-26 to charge a EN-EL4a

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