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Re: Sony RX10 review....

Actually, I thought it was a surprising review in its subtle degree of negativity. For example the Bad Points:

Bad points
Slow zoom control, especially when filming.
Laborious to manually set AF area.
No touch-screen.
Can’t control AF while filming.
Disappointing Continuous AF.
Basic smartphone remote control.
No GPS tagging with Sony app.
No interval timer.
No slow motion video option.
Most expensive bridge camera to date.

Point by point:

  • Some video reviewers prefer the slow zoom; one even said he wished it was slower
  • I have no problem setting the AF area
  • Touch screens: Well some like them, some do not. I don't use them on cameras that have them
  • I'm not one, but the pros seem to prefer MF for filming and the the RX10 has lots of features to support that.
  • I guess the disappointing continuous AF relates to not being phase-detection; sort of goes with the non-DSLR nature of the beast.
  • Maybe I'm a Luddite (well, no!) but smart phone control and GPS I don't need in a camera; I'm sure some of you love it -- but to me those are not "bad points"
  • Etcetera.

Anyway, reading that review and that of the FZ200, we should all sell the RX10 and go for an FZ200. Actually they are very complementary cameras: FZ200 is fine in good light and for wildlife and I'm keeping mine; RX10 will do amazing things in low light up to about ISO 2500.

Should have been a "Highly Recommended", IMHO.

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