Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

I was in a similar situation.

I've had a rMBP for over a year and its by far the best computer iv ever owned. Once you get used to it and practice the touchpad is better than any mouse iv ever used. In fact i edit most of photos in lightroom while laying down in bed watching tv and can be very efficient and fast.

First off i would recommended getting used to your rMPB. turn OFF click to select in your mac options so you only have to tap the touchpad to select something, not click it down. Makes a big difference. Get used to all the multi touch gestures. I've been a PC guy all my life, iv built no less then 10 PCs myself and the rMBP is the BEST computer iv ever owned and its not even close.

Second of all. the rMBP is very powerful as is. It has a dedicated graphics card, latest intel i7 and fast SSD, penty of memory and can easily tackle anything including video editing etc. Why would you spend 3000-4000$+ on a mac pro when you already have all you need on the laptop. So, that being said. Look for a dock for it for when you want to sit like a desktop. Dock it to your keyboard and mouse and monitor, external HDD etc. Its really easy. Iv done this at my 2nd house and its so fast you don't realize you are on a laptop. Keep in mind this way you'll have 2 screens to work with if you want. Your main monitor and you retina display.

Please dont spend 3000-4000$ on the mac pro

If you don't want to doc your rMBP like I suggested just buy a high quality gaming PC. Why gaming PC if you dont game? It has a powerful graphics card and all the components needed for video editing, pic editing etc. You can get a really good one for around 2k. I would recommend falcon Northwest Tiki. Its small, powerful and stylish, great company too.

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