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Re: Diffraction and reality

CFynn wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

The laws of optics have always said diffraction limited results are usually better at f16 than f1.4 to f4, and that if you increase the recording resolution (in Roger Circla's example D800 compared to D3s) resolution goes up even where diffraction reduces overall quality.

The results in the links confirm what the laws of optics predict

Plenty of people seem happy to shoot with lenses wide open - yet reluctant to shoot at f/11 or f/16 because of diffraction. Yet their lenses are probably performing way better at f/11 or f/16 than they do wide open despite the effects of diffraction.

Exactly. I never really understood this "fear" of diffraction. Diffraction is there, but so what? If you need more DOF it is better to have the lens stopped down than not having enough DOF. Also, of course lenses are better at f/16 than at f/1.4, that's hardly revolutionary information for anyone who dared to use smaller than f/5.6 with the D800 or any other camera.

Diffraction is not like a concrete wall which you run into, it won't stop your camera from taking stunning images so I don't know why some people talk about it like if it was some kind of magic black hole which just prevents them from taking images.

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