Is it me or do all fuji xtrans photos look a little soft?

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Re: Is it me or do all fuji xtrans photos look a little soft?

PastorCat wrote:

Yes, if you look at the studio shots here on DP and compare them to comparable cameras, they do look softer.

However, that appears to be a conscience decision that plays out in how the firmware manages noise. Crank up the ISO in those studio images and you'll see that the Fuji does miracles all the way to 6400.

Just compare the XE-2 on ISO 6400 to the same settings on a Sony A7R, an Olympus OM-D E-M5, and the 5DIII and you'll see what I mean. The XE-2 images are totally usable. The other images are totally not.

You are implying that Fuji high ISO Jpegs are perfect but they are not. The end results are the product of careful & sophisticated noise reduction but usually at the expense of detail..... An over-smooth image is  , I agree , better than none but they are far from perfect.

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