Is it me or do all fuji xtrans photos look a little soft?

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Re: Is it me or do all fuji xtrans photos look a little soft?

John Gellings wrote:

narddogg81 wrote:

Jim Cassatt wrote:

A bit of sharpening makes a big difference.

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so the fuji shots are just less sharpened coming out of the camera? my main reason for caring is that i print big landscape. 16mp is right at the 'just enough' threshold for my needs, but not if the images are soft to begin with. the sony a7r would kind of be a logical choice, but its way more expensive, i didnt like the way it felt, the lens selection is not there, and i dont trust sony not to get some other idea and just abandon what they are doing

Just pick the right lens, sharpen (and some clarity) and the images will pop. However, not sure if this is going to do it for you landscape wise... make sure you read up on the xtrans sensor and pp programs.

Xtrans JPEG is somewhat soft, that's why it's great for people photography. I'm not entirely satisfied with its landscape results, luckily I don't shoot much landscape.

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