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Re: Diffraction and reality

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

The laws of optics have always said diffraction limited results are usually better at f16 than f1.4 to f4,

You could not be more wrong. The softness at wide apertures, especially F4, is due to aberrations other than diffraction e.g. spherical, chromatic, coma.

and that if you increase the recording resolution (in Roger Circla's example D800 compared to D3s) resolution goes up even where diffraction reduces overall quality.

The results in the links confirm what the laws of optics predict

Perhaps more on this forum and elsewhere will now accept DSLR's do not break into pieces when used at smaller aperture settings

Indirectly referred to, if 600 lines (what Roger got with his set up) produces more resolution than the eye can resolve in a 16x12 inch print diffraction at f16 does not reduce image quality at all at this print size.

In a 10x8 print, diffraction at f22 and sometimes even f32 does not reduce image quality.

If further tesingt is done it is likely to confirm the diffraction effect is usually strongest with a wide angle lens, and reduced with a telephoto compared to the 50mm used in the comparison.

As a guide diffraction with a 300 mm prime does not become an overall resolution issue until about 1 stop smaller than with a 24 mm.

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Leonard Shepherd
Great images are often of good subjects.
If they are great images does what lens, body or technique was used matter more than the skill of the photographer?

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