My first wedding shoot - D800

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Re: From the mod: please stay on topic

Antal I Kozma wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

Please stay on topic. This is the Nikon Fx forum. You may comment on the artistic quality (or lack thereof for some of you) of the pictures, the technique, how the gear help take the shots, etc.

But religious beliefs, whether they are supportive of same sex marriage or not, are off topic and should not be posted here.

DPreview offers an off topic forum and you are welcome to discuss your beliefs to your heart contents in that community. You may post a link to this thread if you'd like. But religious discussions will not be tolerated here.

Please do not reply to this post:

>>> Discussion of moderation in the forum is not tolerated <<<

I welcome all comments by PM.

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Thierry - posted as moderator

As photographers and visual artists we all know that there are controversial subjects. The question is; can a Moderator decide what is the line between art and offensive subject? One may see something as art, other may see the same thing as improper or offensive display.

Anyway, can one express differing opinions about a subject matter or it has to be a Moderator who decides about what can be said and what not.

One segment of participants mat say, "oh lovely". While other may say" gee, it is pure lust expressed in these images". Can one's opinion be expressed freely while other's depressed?

Let's not hide behind the veil of a "purely gear" forum or something like that. It is not about religion and so forth. It is about expressing differing opinions in a civilized manner.

Hope i do not get muffled for this.

Cheers, AIK:-P

The problem was the hateful off topic posts. Discuss the images, not your beliefs.

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