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Re: Abandoned House

19andrew47 wrote:

The house didn't look that far gone in the image Larry. Perhaps it was worse than it looks here. A nice blue sky and good detail.


It (the property) got purchased by an LLC that figured to make a huge profit, and they tore it down to make room for a few houses.

Land speculation is a tricky thing here in New England..

As soon as they knocked down the house, the Town changed the Taxes (House lots pay more taxes than farm land, even if the land lays fallow).

Now the land lays empty (some years later) with the LLC trying desperately to sell it, with no buyers on the horizon.

I, personally, would have bought it, fixed it up, and moved in... It was only about a thousand feet down the street from me.  A 300 plus year old house that was fixable (even with those HORRID additions) would be attractive to me. All of the main structure was solid, and good.

Unfortunately, it was never advertised for sale, and was bought secretly for a very low price from the little old lady that owned it.

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