Thom on Nikon's unanswered questions...

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Re: Thom on Nikon's unanswered questions...

mistermejia wrote:

Bajerunner wrote:


I think there is even a new firmware coming out for the K3, which is supposed to improve the camera, including AF.

The bottom line is that the K3 is and will be a kick ass camera, in a already D300 type of body, IMO, and again, it really gets on my nerves that people here keep saying that they would be "satisfied" with a D300 replacement in a plastic D7200 type of body. I just wouldn't tolerate it if nikon just keeps giving their customer's ridiculous D5300 type of bodies and nothing else compared to what everyone else is making now days.

Anything less than the best would be a felony!

I am personally VERY curious what the D7200 is going to have, but based on the last four DX bodies that nikon has come up with, I am NOT excited at all, just curious.


The important thing is that people have to choose what is right FOR THEM, that is okay.

It does not get on my nerves at all, nothing to do with me, BUT, I agree with you that the D7100 type body is a compromise *as a replacement for the D300*.

Likely, if no D300 with current 24MP (or better) sensor, I will buy the update to the D7100 *IF* it has much better buffer and fps than the D7100, eventually.

But for me it will be a compromise, albeit with the necessary features I want for utility.

You are right that build quality is much more than  just 'magnesium body'.

It is about quality of parts in spec, quality of outsourced parts, quality in assembly, quality control on output.

That is a significantly more important argument to 'plastic vs magnesium'.

As an example, where are the 'D800 has oil spots' threads? No one questions the build quality of the D800, albeit the left AF issue, but that seems much more than build quality, it seems a bit more complex.

So, like you I would prefer the current sensor or better in a D300 body.

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