Lens stolen while camera is around photographers neck...video

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Re: Lens stolen while camera is around photographers neck...video

I have traveled extensively too and these were just a handful of incidents.  The majority of incidents were actually in Rome.

mosswings wrote:

Michael, all I can say is that you've had an incredibly bad streak of luck. I've traveled for 30 years around the world to the same places you have and some others where people had warned us we'd not return whole from, and have never been accosted once like you have. All I've done is keep my camera equipment tucked away until it was time to use it, not look like a turkey in a rainstorm, and atay situationally aware. Only in Rome were we approached by a Roma with using the classic cardboard ploy, but that amounted to nought. Something has gone very very wrong in Rome lately if your experience has become typical.

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