D700 help needed. High ISO concern.

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Re: D700 help needed. High ISO concern. *Samples*

aldridgec wrote:

My sense is that the problem has gotten worse as I've owned the camera. I didn't purchase it new, but am pretty picky about image anomalies, and remember pushing the camera pretty hard. I compared some older theatre images and was unable to excite the pattern hardly at all.

The image of the single actor by the dark column was shot at 6400 and I believe I brightened it a little bit as I've had problems with people even "seeing" what I'm talking about in the past. I coughed it up to display differences and didn't want to go down that debate again, but the pattern is certainly there. '

My gut is telling me that he sensor is getting worse, and I should look into having it repaired/replaced. I'm not even sure how to go about explaining the issue to Nikon.

I agree the pattern is definitely there, and I can see it.  It took me a moment, but I saw it.  I know the look from my own experience.  It is also possible that it has gotten worse.

I went down a long road with Nikon on issues with the D3, so I know where they draw the line in service terms.  If it happens at a certified ISO setting (ISO 6400 or lower) -- with no additional brightening -- then they will take a look at it, otherwise not.  Of course we know that the additional brightening helps to /reveal/ the problem.  They do not understand this.  They need to see a straight shot with an obvious problem.  [Don't count on them to do a good critical inspection.  They use stock office PC monitors set arbitrarily.]  If you can get them this telling shot, then they might be able to fix it.

The D3s and D4 are really excellent theater cameras, with no questions asked.

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