Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

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Re: Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

JPEG Shooter wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

JPEG Shooter wrote:

Rooski wrote:

The X-S1 has selectable area focusing, and if you simply leave the box in the center, it seems to me it would act pretty much like the HS50's additional "center" focus option. I don't see much difference.

The HS50 also has selectable area focusing that you can simply leave in the center. If there is no difference, why would Fuji add the additional option of "center" focus to the HS50 if it already had something that, according to you, did the same thing?

You tell us JS, I'm a focus and recompose shooter, I don't think I've ever moved the focus point from the centre position on my X-S1, I've made it smaller as I find it focuses better though.

Have you actually read Fuji's description? Looking at it I think the centre focus should actually read SPOT focus, again the X-S1 does this by simply changing the size of the focus square.

Once again, you know everything and I know nothing, eh Paul.

I'm going to go shoot some more "watercolour" images.

Right on, JPEG Shooter...  I'm simply not going to allow myself to obsess over technical aspects of the camera to the point where it surpasses my ability to have fun and enjoy taking pictures.  It's just crazy to demean and belittle camera owners (aka HS50 owners) by using terms like "watercolor".  The X-S1 is not the superior camera and neither the X-S1 nor the HS50 out-perform a Canon 70D.  The HS50 is what it is and to me, it is a fun camera.  I get some really good shots with it and I get some lousy shots.  There's a lot I don't know about photography... and there's a lot I know about photography.  I'm not goading what I do know over anybody. We should all just shoot, post your favorite shots and let us enjoy them, ask questions, make comments, compare notes, etc.  You don't have to like everybody's photos, but you should at least try to be a little nice.

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