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Re: Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

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Heaven forbid he claim L size is better than M or vice I shoot both sizes in my EXR cams and vacillate as to which I prefer, but seem to get a little more detail with M.

Here we go again, claim without a proof is equal to non-sense.

-=[ Joms ]=-

If you read the article, you would have seen "though for bird photography I found that aperture priority coped well in most situations".

I think Joms refers to you saying that M has more detail than L. I did a quick test and found that L really has more detail compared to M.

You really need to Go Beyond a "Quick Test" followed by an Absolute Statement. . .

One reason the EXR Sensor M OR L Size is "Better" issue Repeatedly comes up is this Topic Does NOT Have a SIMPLE Resolve. . .
You can find Shooting Situations where M is "Better Detail" and Other Shooting Situations where L is "Better Detail". . .
From Shooting Thousands of BOTH M (8-Mp) Raw Size & L (16-Mp) Raw Size Images - I NOW NORMALLY keep my HS50EXR file size set at 4:3 M (8-Mp) as the Types of Shooting I Do / This USUALLY Gives Me the Best Results. . .

If you do an interesting Shooting Experiment with Your HS50EXR which will Teach You WHEN Fuji Engineers select M OR L File Size. . .
1. Rotate Your Dial to EXR
2. Menu Select EXR Auto
3. Menu Select Image Size = Auto 4:3
4. Menu Select Image Quality = FINE + RAW

For Ease of Tracking Your Results - Suggest - Start with an Empty SD Memory Card. . .
Now Go Around and Shoot a Number of Different Types of Scenes or Objects with DIFFERENT Lighting Levels. . .
In the Display Notice AT SHOT TIME which EXR Mode the Camera is Selecting ( SN   HR   DR )

You will discover that IF the SN mode is camera selected the File Size will = M Size
                              IF the HR mode is camera selected the File Size will = L Size
                              IF the DR mode is camera selected the File Size will = M Size

General Observation, IF the Lighting Levels are LOWER  the "camera" will select SN or DR / M Size
IF the Lighting Levels are HIGHER the "Fuji Engineers" will select HR / L Size

The Moral of this Story is the M Size Images tend to handle Shadows & Lower Light Levels "Better"
                                        L  Size Images tend to handle Brighter Light Levels              "Better"

"Better" = Greater Overall Image Clarity & Detail

As the Majority of the Subjects I shoot are in Lower Light or have Contrasting Shadow Areas I find that M Size is Most Often the "Best" File Size for ME. . . YOUR Mileage May Vary !

Suggest that YOU Do the Experiment Above for YOURSELF. . . Be YOUR OWN EXPERT !

Good Shooting & Cheers from Orion                                 ( I Will Post a New Thread on This )

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