My first wedding shoot - D800

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Re: My first wedding shoot - D800--About the images

To the OP: it seems you have natural ability working with your subjects. I agree with one of the other posters who commented that the images are less like wedding shots and more like engagement shots. A little heavy on the amorousness for my personal tastes (nothing to do with gender). But regardless, the subjects appear natural, happy, relaxed--so very nice work on that count.

There is also a nice creativity to the images, composition, etc. These are not like every other set of wedding (or engagement) images. So again, another check mark for good instincts/talent.

As to the processing, I don't really like most of the images. They seem a bit harsh, as if they were over-sharpened or some kind of filter was applied heavily. Is there also a purposeful desaturation? Then the ones that are not so harsh, feel more out of focus rather than soft or gentle in a pleasing way. Also to my eye, the black and white processing is rather ordinary and low in contrast. This is all just my personal opinion, not intended as some sort of expert judgment, and meant to be offered constructively.

All of which is to say, great job, especially for a first shoot. You appear to have the talents that are the hardest learn. And if more sophisticated processing skills are your biggest challenge, lucky you.

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