Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Re: Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

Dave729 wrote:

I have a M39 adapter for an old Leica 50mm f2 Summicron lens and one for an OM 50/1.4 lens. Both produce good results, but as others have mentioned, they're generally not worth the effort to me.

If i look at my overall picture-taking, AF is perfectly suitable for 95%. We all still shot family shots, street grabs, or other photographs for which AF is usually an advantage. I don't see an IQ advantage with the legacy lenses I have. So if I'm out to do some serious shooting on my E-M5 and want to manually focus for maximum control, I switch my focus mode to S-AF+Mf. That gives me a quick lock on auto, then the view changes to 2x magnification for MF.

I keep trying to get out with the old lenses, but as I said, from MY perspective, I don't see the benefit...

Dave I hear what you are saying, maybe it is my perspective.

Up until now I had zero interest in M4/3 - not saying that it is not a well thought out and capable system.  Consequently I have no M4/3 lenses. If for example I had invested heavily in (say) Sony E mount lenses there is no way whatsoever I would have moved cross mount platform.  Just as much as those with a great stock of M4/3 AF lenses are very unlikely to swap to the Sony FF FE mount with the consequent lens repurchase pain.  If your M4/3 system is doing what it should be doing then there is no need.  Even Sony users who might move up to the FE mount from the aps-c E mount have a problem - much made light of by auto-cropping.

Consider the situation if Olympus or Panasonic decided to make all future great camera solely as FF cameras.  Unlikely as it may be, those 70-odd really good M4/3 oem lenses would give a lot vignetting in a trade up.

I went through lens lock-in and bet my farm on the Canon EF mount to find that I had great cameras, great lenses, but was heist to Canon's pleasure on whatever camera body they decided make for their customer's pleasure.  Even today I am still technically well locked in to the Canon EF mount as far as Canon is concerned but Metabones and others have provided electronic adapters which allow me to at least chose the Sony E mount cameras as an alternative.

So I read what many M4/3 users are saying - that M4/3 lenses are so good that it is hardly worth bothering with MF lenses.  However I bought my first M4/3 camera just a few weeks ago.  Buy a few adapters and I have another system, the lenses just morph across.  Change my mind and my lenses go with its wanderings.

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