Is it me or do all fuji xtrans photos look a little soft?

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Re: Is it me or do all fuji xtrans photos look a little soft?

Yep its just you!

My 100s, X Pro1 kit blow away My D4, D3x  with the trinity lenses, especially in relation to colour balance and hi iso performance. D800? never out the bag since my Fuji's arrived and tested.

Still  a full time working Pro 49 years in the trenches this year.

Fuji X is the future right here right now.

Best wishes on your decision!


Hmm... I have a D600, Df, and a xe1. I've owned the 35mm1.4 the zeiss 32mm, and the 60mm on the fuji and the IQ isn't as up to par with my Nikon gear.

I would say the fuji is better than any Apc nikon has out for IQ, but there is no way my fuji is better than my Df when it comes to low light. It's not even really close to be honest. It's a little closer for the D600, but I find it hard to believe it's about as good as your D4.

That's not to say fuji doesn't make great stuff because they really do, but as far as low light goes I personally don't think it comes close to Nikon's D4 or Df. I shoot low light all the time at concerts and in the street and use high ISOs all the time and my Df smokes my fuji.

But to the op question the Fuji IQ is very nice. The images could need a little massaging at times, but it is very lovely and for the size and for the sensor size it is pretty spectacular.

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