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Re: Thom on Nikon's unanswered questions...

jfriend00 wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

What is the difference between 12 MP and 16 MP? How often do you get everything a 12 MP sensor has to offer?

If you end up cropping a significant amount (which I sometimes do in action photos either because I was reach starved or because I just decide after the fact that I want to isolate the subject in the shot more than when I captured it), having more than 12MP can be pretty useful either to support printing a cropped image larger or retaining detail after cropping.

That comes down to per pixel sharpness though. If the pixels are sharp, it doesn't take very many of them; if the pixels aren't sharp then no matter how many you have it won't help.

I'd actually like 24MP as it seems a good spot to be that isn't so large that it bothers the workflow a lot, but is enough of a bump that it helps sometimes. I offered a range of 16-24 to be more flexible. You picked on the low of the range.

I picked the D4 number. Why is 16 MP adequate to a lot of pros? One reason is that it's actually not easy to get more than 12 MP of resolution, you have to get very accurate focus, and you need to use very fast shutter speeds or use a tripod and MLU. In Thom Hogan's D3x review he went into this quite a bit showing how hard it was to meaningfully resolve more than he was getting from the D3.

If I buy a new lens in the next year, it would either be a Sigma with a changeable mount

I only see one such telephoto lens, the 120-300/2.8, and it's a little bit underwhelming.

I already own the telephotos I need. I'd be buying something shorter if I bought anything. For DX, Sigma's 18-35 f/1.8 is getting stellar reviews and I think they're onto something with high quality lenses with changeable mounts.

That lens is on the list of interchangeable mounts.

If they keep going with this, I think they're going to capture a meaningful share of the enthusiast lens market (not pro, but more discriminating buyer) both because of offering very good quality at lower prices and because of the mount flexibility so you aren't as locked in as previously.

I still would like to know the price though. Keep in mind that Nikon and Canon are large markets, so it's relatively easy to buy and sell lenses within those mounts, Pentax on the other hand is probably quite a bit harder.

or a used lens that I don't think would depreciate much if I had to sell it.

Not sure how much it would cost to have the mount changed, but I would just go for a good used Nikkor right now.

Used lens shopping is hard and not for the faint of heart. Unless you can shoot with it locally before buying or pay a little more to buy from an outfit like KEH that rates them and lets you return anything, it's really hard to know what you're getting and feel like you're making a "safe" purchase. I'm not saying you can't find good deals, but it's not a simple process and you can get burned.

Selling is easy, buying should be done with caution.  Yes, KEH is a good choice here, as is Adorama.

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