Dear Canon, please say something!

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says you

DVT80111 wrote:

Not too many people will pay $1500 for a 70D with a larger and heavier magnesium body.

People lined up to pay $1700 when the 7D came out.  For whatever the 70D "gained", the 7D2 will gain even more.  Probably the 1-series AF, 10 fps.  Just look at how many people have bought the 5D3 which gained a mere 1 MP over the 5D2 but 2 more fps and the 1-series AF made it desirable and has outsold the d800 with all its pixels.

The 7D market has been squeezed by 70D and 6D/5DIII such that offering a 7DII make no marketing sense.

Go rain on someone else's parade. The 6D and it's non-action designed autofocus isn't even uttered in the same breath when considering cameras.  If you want an action/wildlife camera a 6D would be a poor choice unless you are fooled into thinking a 20 MP 35mm sensor is good for wildlife compared to a 24 or 28 MP 7D aps-c.

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