D700 help needed. High ISO concern.

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Re: D700 help needed. High ISO concern. *Samples*

A sample close to proper exposure, a black exposure, and a pushed example with a D7K pushed for comparison of the same scene from different angles.

I'm not interested in discussions of proper exposure, don't shoot at 6400, not pushing files etc. I am finding this phenomenon to be limiting in some situations and need to determine if this is characteristic of the D700 or just my camera in particular. I stopped by my local camera shop, and he snapped a grab of the back of the display case, which was black, and you could see the discoloration strips/bands once on the computer screen. Thanks for any input!

You can see the striping or banding on the left in the shadows.

This is a pushed example of the banding/striping. It is difficult to see if you don't know it's there because of jpg compression. Point being, it's not due to lighting in the scene.

This scene has been pushed in post to show the same scene on the D700 to compare to the D7k below

D7k capture of same scene as above. Noise is very even across frame and no bands/strips noticeable.

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