Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Re: Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

Bob Topp wrote:

I bought several used lenses locally and from KEH and two inexpensive adaptors (F-mount and Minolta MD) to go with my EM-5, but found it a little frustrating using magnified images to focus. I was very happy when focus peaking was added to the EM-1, but have found it not so good in low light. However, outdoors, it is a pleasure to use (when we get some rare good weather). I played with my old Nikon 200 mm/f4 lens at the dog park over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the focus peaking. The dogs were a bit frisky, probably experiencing cabin fever like everyone else, so manually tracking them wasn't always easy, but I was very happy with several shots. I'm looking forward to doing a lot more manual work when the weather improves.

There was a lot of slobbering going on this day- note the streak on the dog's forehead where another slobbered on him.

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Bob Topp

Thanks Bob, I think that you have that MF and focus peaking worked out.

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Tom Caldwell

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