Dear Canon, please say something!

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Re: Stiffling conjecture

Howard stated he has the 5D Mark II and 50D, not the Mark III.

The Mark II has 3.9 FPS and even with 21.1 megapixels it wont have as many pixels in the crop of a distant object like a bird. Not like the 7D or even the 70D.

I feel your pain Howard and lots of folks are in the same boat as they are invested in canon glass.

If I was in your boat I think I would be greatly tempted, to either buy the 70D and sell my 7D and 50D to help fund that and then sell the 70D when a 7D replacement does arrive. Or just buy a nice fast piece of glass that does what you can not do now whether that be a prime or constant f limited zoom or the Tamron 150-600 that has a ridiculous range and is getting very convincing results at over 400mm and very good bokeh. Your 7D will get you that new feeling all over again.

I agree that there is not enough incentive to replace an already still very well selling 7D. That is why developing whole new  categories are attractive to the manufacture like Nikon tried with the Df.

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