Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

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Re: Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

Corpy2 wrote:

453C wrote:

Corpy2 wrote:

Acrill wrote:

So use your eyes and look at the pictures.

If there is nothing wrong with the pictures then there is nothing wrong with the lens. Lenses are tools for creating pictures.

If all I need to do is use my eyes and look at the pictures, then why do I need to read the words.

He works for them. Can you ever imagine a scenario in which he will say anything even moderately bad about his own company's product? I mean, really. Further, do you really think that Olympus is not absolutely permitting him to post his thoughts?

There is a reason why we want reviewers to be independent. And why we worry when they will get free products. Here, it is ten times worse. He works for them.

Like many, you seem to take the position that a reviewer is a either a complete shill or an unassailable tower of virtue. I don't think anyone has said Robin's opinion should be taken as the final word on anything, or that should hold for any other reviewer. Read his posts, look at his photos, consider his opinions within the context of his disclaimer, and the context of other reviews. It's a simple process that should be applied to any review.

No, but there is a line at which the built-in bias of a reviewer is too great.

That line is crossed when one works for the company making the product being reviewed. The mere fact that he discloses that he works for Olympus is not enough.

Otherwise, perhaps we should have Obama doing a half hour show news show reviewing the President's speech, describing how good or bad it was. Hey, we know he's President, so that would make it ok, right?

I guess in your life you cannot seperate yourself from the company you work at?

I'm sure he didn't take his job at Olympus because he was specirfically an Olympus fan-boy... we all get jobs. Sure, he's a photography enthusiast and he was shooting his company's product. Maybe he gets a discount, but it certainly sounds like he enjoys his photography.

It's a personal blog!!!

Are you saying he shouldn't have posted this entry?

While I did not watch Obama's speech for political reasons, if I had, it might be interesting to hear what Obama thought about it and what he thought worked and didn't.

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